Monday, June 19, 2017

Pumpkin Carving Dove

Here are pictures of my pumpkin carving of a dove I did last year:

These pictures were taken a while after I carved the pumpkin. 

This happy face was done by a friend

I took a lot of pictures lol

And he's off to the compost! ;D

<3 Hannah

Christmas 2016

Hello! It's almost July, so what better time to post my Christmas pictures! Lol

Little drummer ornament

Charlie Brown tree!

Christmas orange

The orange is my favorite, and chocolate coins!

I know it's repetitive but I like this one too lol

Candy cane out of ribbon... It took a LOT of tape! Lol

More of the tree ;)

Last ornament picture I promise lol

And lastly a present, Merry Christmas in July!

;) Hannah