Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Few Pieces of My Furniture

Hello! I want to share a few pieces of my furniture that are partially home made :) first is my coffee table:

My husband and I bought the bottom half at a used furniture store when it looked like this:

Initially I wanted to have a mirror top made for it, but it was far less expensive to get a few pieces of wood to make a top, so that is what we did. This is what it looks like on the underside:

My husband cut the wood and fastened it together and I painted the top. My other piece of furniture to share is my crate end table. I wanted a real crate, but could not find one to buy inexpensive so my husband built this one out of scrap wood we had and I painted it. 


The top is a lid that comes off easily:

And the side has a hole in it because initially I wanted this to be a place to hide the cats litter box, but later decided I would rather put it in the hall closet, so now I store gardening supplies in the crate. 

This is what the inside looks like as far as how it is held together and anyone is welcome to hack this project if they like it.

 I have not finished painting the inside :)

My cat Coconut oversaw my taking pictures! 

And here are some pretty flowers just because :)

<3 Hannah

Putting Love in My Food

Hello! I got inspired one day to make pizza bowls for some tomato soup, but instead I ended up making hearts out of all the food. I had bought some pillsbury classic pizza crust intending to cut it up and wrap it around glass bowls and bake it as directed to have a bread bowl, but when I looked for glass baking bowls in my cupboard I saw that they were not oven safe so I changed my mind and shaped I love you out of the dough :) 

I sprinkled a lot of McCormic's Italian Seasoning on it and a very small amount of Morton's Nature's Seasoning. The above picture is before I baked it. And I thought it turned out well.

While I was enjoying making hearts I decided to put one on the brownies I made and see what happened. Here is a picture of the batter uncooked, it was a boxed mix. 

I sprinkled chocolate chips in the shape of a heart, and hoped they would not sink in while it baked.

And they didn't :D So anyways that is my heart food.

<3 Hannah

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Silverware Border & Flowers

Hello! I had a thin wooden border in front of my flower bed, but alas it got knocked over and someone threw it away, so i decided to use some broken paving stones I had laying around for a border instead and came up with the idea of using some inexpensive extra silverware I had ( which of course I couldn't throw out since it might come in handy some day :) to hold them up. And this is a picture of the result which I happen to like very much!

 While I am uploading garden related pictures, here are some of my flowers: 

Above is my current pink geranium which seems to grow best in a smaller rather than larger pot. It is in a wire basket I bought from goodwill and then inserted a coco liner which the birds have been borrowing for their nests :)

This is my gardenia, which I do not know the variety. I received it as a clipping from my aunt. I put it in water and it grew roots really fast and in about six months or so I had my first flower :) 

Before my geranium which was also from a clipping I had pink pansies in my basket planter. I actually replanted these into another pot and they have lived all summer from last fall which I was impressed by.

Unfortunately these white pansies did not survive the summer. I believe it is because the ivy finally ate them  :) But all winter they and the ivy survived well together. I plan to replant some more in with the ivy this winter.

I did not realize at the time I planted these tulip bulbs that they would all come up and they ended up quite crowded.  The bulbs in the middle are paperwhites. They bloomed much earlier.

This picture came out a little bright with the flash. I dug up this ball of moss by the creek. It fared best in the spring but dried up in the summer. I eventually put it back and I am sure it is doing fine now :) Moss is actually hard to kill.

Lastly more pansies! And mint behind them.

<3 Hannah

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Bathroom

Hello! This is my first attempt at posting to a blog :) I wanted to share what I did to our bathroom.
 It is quite small, so I wanted a clear shower curtain to make it look bigger since it would be see through, and the fact that it has no windows also made it seem smaller so I painted a window on the wall. The whole thing was on a budget, so the shower curtain is from walmart for I think less than five dollars. I really wanted an octopus on it so I painted on the octopus roughly looking at octopus pictures I found on google. The shell painting I did on an inexpensive small canvas from a craft store.