Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dragon Egg Easter!

This Easter, in line with my Gryffindor themed living room, I decided to make my eggs dragon eggs! I really liked how they turned out!

These three are my favorite :) I used food coloring, glue and sparkles to achieve this look.

I do like the green ones too, but not as much as the blue.

I used raw eggs because it was last minute and I didn't have the patience to wait for them to boil lol but I did wash them with soap and water in case of any salmonella. But... I had to be extra careful with them because raw eggs are much more of a mess to clean up, I know because I dropped one lol

I tried dipping the eggs in food coloring and water (I had not bought a dying egg kit with the right dye) but the food coloring was not sticking, so I just squirted it on my fingers and rubbed it right on the egg and that worked. Then I let them dry a little bit and then used Elmer's glue on them and rubbed it all over. Lastly I dumped sparkles on them and patted them all over. I used both large sparkles and the very fine ones like dust.

 I was surprised and very happy with how this experiment turned out :)


<3 Hannah

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