Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In the Country

Hello! On a trip to my grandmother's house in the country I came across some very pretty weeds/wild flowers lol and took a lot of pictures of them. Here are some pictures around the farm... :)

I think these weeds/flowers look just like Dr. Seuss Who flowers :)

A butterfly (or maybe it is a moth?) was nice enough to hold still for me to take his picture :)

Better view of him here.. or perhaps it is a girl butterfly?? :)

I love how prickly plants can be so pretty.. because these were definitely prickly.

More wild flower weeds :)

So apparently this is thistle ( I guessed and looked it up and it is!) Good name for it too, it looks like a thistle lol

According to Wikipedia thistle is Eeyore's favorite food (from Winnie the Pooh) 

A view of the pasture.

What would a pasture be without barbed wire? lol

This was a very pretty purple thistle.

More thistle.. which is a weed and not really considered a wild flower, so says Google :)


Pretty but invasive.. or pretty invasive.. 

If there were singing dancing flowers as in Alice in Wonderland, I think thistle would be one of them and their songs would be mischievous and they would prank the other flowers! ha!

Gate to the pasture.

One last thistle and on to other flowers..

Such as these! Which I do not know what they are.. they have replaced a grape vine that used to grow on the trellis.

I really like them.

More flowers!

You're not a flower,

But she wishes she was a flower so she could be outside!

She is confused.. but she looks happy inside :)

Pansies in front of a pecan tree :) I love pansies

And a rose :)

Pretty geranium!

Here it is again! I love geraniums :) They never die! Really..

Nothing is prettier than flowers :)

Even their leaves are pretty :) and I love how they are fuzzy too lol

Coconut is pretty too :) she says "that's all folks!" not really she just meows

<3 Hannah

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