Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun in October!

Hello! For Halloween this year I carved my pumpkin as Hedwig delivering owl post. First I drew a few sketches so I would know where to cut:

 This is the first sketch.

And the second sketch that I followed to carve my pumpkin. Feel free to use :)

Here is the finished carving :)

Hedwig :)

   And a side view of her letter.

 I like the effect of the light in this picture.

My husband carved a wolf in his.

And after I carved one side of my pumpkin, I decided to do the other side too! Because I just really like traditional happy faced pumpkins, I did one of those :)

I thought it would be fun to take pictures from his perspective, so here are some from inside my pumpkin!


Happy Halloween!

Even though these pictures did not look like what I envisioned them to be I had a lot of fun taking them :)

 carved pumpkin

This one above came out how I envisioned the most.

And here is where I put candy, in a flower pot I had painted with chalkboard paint.

Here is my pumpkin looking at his shadow lol :)

And looking in the mirror! Which I thought was pretty funny :)

Here are some trees changing color, from the viewpoint of a squirrel :)

And another squirrel view of fall trees :)

 The flash made it look really sunny.. it was not :)

And this is my favorite of the trees.

I liked the color of the rose, but the focus did not come out quite right.
Looks about the same but I liked it too.

I think this one turned out the best.

My husband bought himself two pumpkins to carve but ended up only doing one, so I got the extra which to make it last longer I decided to paint versus carve. Hopefully it will last through thanksgiving! :)

At first I was only going to do stars, but snow on top seemed fun :) 

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to use my ideas in your own decorating!

<3 Hannah