Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Silverware Border & Flowers

Hello! I had a thin wooden border in front of my flower bed, but alas it got knocked over and someone threw it away, so i decided to use some broken paving stones I had laying around for a border instead and came up with the idea of using some inexpensive extra silverware I had ( which of course I couldn't throw out since it might come in handy some day :) to hold them up. And this is a picture of the result which I happen to like very much!

 While I am uploading garden related pictures, here are some of my flowers: 

Above is my current pink geranium which seems to grow best in a smaller rather than larger pot. It is in a wire basket I bought from goodwill and then inserted a coco liner which the birds have been borrowing for their nests :)

This is my gardenia, which I do not know the variety. I received it as a clipping from my aunt. I put it in water and it grew roots really fast and in about six months or so I had my first flower :) 

Before my geranium which was also from a clipping I had pink pansies in my basket planter. I actually replanted these into another pot and they have lived all summer from last fall which I was impressed by.

Unfortunately these white pansies did not survive the summer. I believe it is because the ivy finally ate them  :) But all winter they and the ivy survived well together. I plan to replant some more in with the ivy this winter.

I did not realize at the time I planted these tulip bulbs that they would all come up and they ended up quite crowded.  The bulbs in the middle are paperwhites. They bloomed much earlier.

This picture came out a little bright with the flash. I dug up this ball of moss by the creek. It fared best in the spring but dried up in the summer. I eventually put it back and I am sure it is doing fine now :) Moss is actually hard to kill.

Lastly more pansies! And mint behind them.

<3 Hannah


  1. I can't wait to see what you do for this spring :)

  2. I love the silverware boarder. Haha. And the flowers so pretty did you ant by seed?

  3. thanks Michael! :)Ya I had fun with the silverware :) I planted the pansies by plant, I tried seed but they did not come up, not sure why, but by plant they do great! The geranium which is the pink one at the top I got by clipping from one of my grandmothers plants they grow great that way, just cut a piece off the plant and put it in dirt and water it and it grows roots and a new plant. The gardenia white flower I also did by clipping which I rooted in a jar of water and once it had roots planted it. The pink tulips I planted by bulb. They didn't come back a second year.. we shall see if any of my other flowers came back this year :)