Thursday, April 17, 2014

Out takes from Wonderland

Here are a few pictures of out takes and a photo-shop I did years ago.

I love my gear earrings!
 I will be selling them soon in my etsy shop!

I love the heart cards lol

This was a photo-edit I did years ago with my real white rabbit :) he was a little bit of a snob, but that was ok since he was very cute!

His name was Pumpkin <3

I loved him very much!

Even when he ate ALLL my plants lol

 This is a little door I painted for another Wonderland photo-shoot which I will hopefully be able to post soon! Coconut is trying to get through it... with no luck! ;)

Lastly my Riley maine-coon with me as the Hatter :)


<3 Hannah

PS: All the rabbit pictures were taken by my little brother Raynes <3

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