Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mad Tea Party in a Tree

Spring is mostly here, so that means its a great time for tea! My friend Lindsey and I had a tea party last spring and now that it is spring again I have made time to post the pictures! :) 

Lindsey lets me test the camera focus on her lol

We are serious about this tea party lol

Peach and Raspberry tea mmmmmmm.. 
Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the lemon bars she made;
they were so good we ate them all ;)

Fun tea things..

Here Lindsey have some more!

You can't have too many tea cups at once!

We're absolutely Mad about tea.

And tea is Mad about us! lol ;D

How about a game of cards???

Lindsey checks out my cards; I have one with some tea...

Everyone wins in our game :)

Even the cat! Riley wants tea too.

This pocket watch is two days wrong! I'll just fix that with a little butter...

Now it will taste much better.. what isn't better with butter??

Buttery gears!

It's still wrong!

Must need some tea...

Peach is my favorite.

I'm also wearing some gears in my ears.. helps me think, about tea..

Our tea party moves outside!

Lindsey loves tea from a tree :)

Would you like some tea low?

We do both.

Or in a chair?

Falling tea!

Lindsey does a good job of catching it in her tea cup!

And keeping her hat on at the same time!

We took a lot of pictures; I liked all of them so I'm posting them all.

We are having fun.. even though it was very cold!

Lindsey pours some herself, less splashing that way lol.

I like splashing, it's more fun~!

Tea loving feet lol

Yay tea!

Mad hatter in a tree.

Drinking lots and lots of tea.

Tea cup up!

One dunk of the pocket watch..

Dunk two...

I need more tea!

Tea cups hiding in the bushes.. probably from thirsty walruses.

I keep pouring out of my bottomless tea pot!

Relaxing in my tree with my tea.

I love this pot and it loves me....

This tree must love me too because I did not fall out of it! lol

Fit for the Queen of Hearts 

Our tea party continued with pie!

And tea!

We ate it but did not shrink or grow, maybe next time...

That was about all there was to our party in Wonderland.

We enjoyed it!

A lot!

Hope you enjoy it too!

<3 Hannah

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