Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paper Fishing


It has been forever since I had a post on here! I have lots of projects I have been working on that have piled up and now a year later I am posting them! Time flies! My friend Sarah and I were hanging out one day and did this funny photo shoot with some cartoon fish that I made out of cardboard and painted.

This is how we started.. me pretending to fish. After looking at the pictures later I decided 

that the fish would have looked better if I had made them a lot larger..

 next time!

This  picture above just would not photoshop the way I wanted.

 Oh well, here it is anyway..

Ta Da! He has been caught lol :)

See! I am very proud! ;)

 It was a lot of work to pretend to catch that fish!

 Just kidding, but it was fun :)

Yep, it's the same size from this angle too!

 Lets try for another one...

Oh! He's a small one! 

Small, but putting up a big pretend fight! ;)

Whoops! He's stuck..

Not to worry, I pulled him out, now I have two!

Sarah and I compare fish...

.... And feet :)
we both have pink toes!

I reward my fish :)

This seems like a good time to sit down...



And waiting some more!

 I had three pictures that looked a lot alike and since I could not make up my mind which 

was better... I just didn't and posted two :)

Enough of this fishing! How about a swim???

As you can see I'm swimming places fast!

New direction! I think I saw a minnow!

And now for a float...

I'm totally relaxed...

 not thinking about the fish nibbling my toes at all...

This is my favorite one.


maybe it's about time I got out of this water...

One last one..

 and a cold wet walk back to the house and shower!

All of these pictures were taken by Sarah Warden, and were photo shop and edited by me, Hannah! :) Sarah has a photography facebook page and is available for photoshoots. Here is the link to her page :)


<3 Hannah

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