Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Rainy Day

Hello! As I walked in the rain the other day I was inspired to take pictures as the creek was full and I thought it would look neat. While taking pictures I discovered the edit on my camera to make pictures look miniature and applied it to a lot of the pictures. I was very excited about it! lol ;)

Here I am walking in a large puddle lol, I liked the effect of the umbrellas shadow :)

"A weed is no more than a flower in disguise, Which is seen through at once, if love give a man eyes." James Russell Lowell :)

 I thought this weed deserved a picture :)

 Here we have a squirrel's eye view! I didn't get as wet as I would have thought getting down on the ground for this picture! lol

And if the squirrel were to fall in the creek, this would be his view then! ha :)

 And away he would go down the creek! lol 

Poor squirrel! I'll be nice and imagine he climbed out... and maybe dried out on this rock that looks kind of miniature :)

Gravity defying water! lol not really, but we can pretend ;D

And in reality.... it is dripping down.


Here is a bench pretending to be miniature via my camera edits! I was very happy with the result.. and speaking for the bench it is happier too :)

 Its other side! Which looks more medium size rather than miniature.. oh well I still liked the effect.

My purple pansies.. also in miniature :)

More wet want-to-be miniature plants :)

 More pansies!!

Here is one that I did not do the miniature edit to, although it is a little blurry :(

 Glass hummingbird guards against bugs! (I wish!) haha

Wet feet... literally ;)

Rose.. it is "thinking" about blooming :)

"Miniature" creek :)

The stump again, but with miniature effect, except it did not make the stump look smaller.

More creek :)

From the ground I thought this looked like a pond lol

More clover!

More clover.....



 Ok last one :D

And back home through Puddleglum's marsh lol just kidding :)


Once home I took one more miniature effect picture of some basil, I liked how it turned out :)

<3 Hannah

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Barbie Repaint ~ 1st Attempt

Hellooo! It has been a while, and although I have a bunch of unfinished art projects to post, alas, they are unfinished, so when they are done I will post them! But last night I did finish one project that I was very interested in, Barbie repainting! I had an old barbie doll as my trial barbie, so last night I pulled out some brown yellow and orange sharpies, some nail polish remover, and my acrylic paints and went to work :) First I colored her hair with sharpie, as it started out very blonde. Then I wiped all the factory paint off her face with nail polish remover. And finally repainted her face! It was both easier and harder than I thought. I think I need a smaller paint brush next time. For a first time I was happy with the result, but judging it over all next time I would like it to be much better :)

This is the finished product :) Hermione Granger! Although, I did not check her eye color before I painted as it was 1AM and felt lazy to look it up, so her eyes are incorrectly green as they should be brown. I also did not thoroughly color her hair brown, I need to find a better way to dye it than sharpie. Because when I washed her hair out after the sharpie it still had a little bit of stiffness. Human hair dye will not work on barbies because their hair is not porous. I will be doing a better version in the future, this was a practice run to see how it went :)

I could not resist dressing rapunzel up as Luna Lovegood too :) so here is Luna in her lion hat! (Beast barbie head lol) In the future I will get some more accurate clothes for her, but this outfit looked very Luna to me :)

This is the barbie I started with minus the brown in her hair (I had done a little on her hair before I thought to take a picture) Next time I will take a picture of the steps, but I was in a hurry.

This was the outfit I found to turn into a Hogwarts uniform! I was very excited to find it in my old barbie box :) I cut off the top part of the dress and painted gold stripes on the tie for Gryffindor :) Then I used black sharpie to color the designs on the black skirt, which mostly worked but they still show through, so I will probably end up painting the skirt with black acrylic paint mixed with golden brand medium then iron it to make it fabric paint.

Here they are side by side! :) Barbie is definitely better as Hermione lol

Here are some web sites I looked at for information on doing this project :)
how to make fabric paint , and how to repaint a barbie doll, and one way to color barbie hair.
I have seen where food coloring was used to color barbie hair too, I will try this and see if it is permanent or washes out and share that next time :)

<3 Hannah