Thursday, January 3, 2013

Randomly Art ~

Hello! Here is some random art of mine done throughout the years. Starting with the earliest:

 Done with colored pencil.

 Done with colored pencil.

 I did this with crayon :) 
It was a long time ago but I might have been looking at a picture when I drew these.

This I drew with pencil on the back of a text book cover :)

 This I did looking at this picture.
I used pastels. No copyright intended, I appreciated the original artists picture and wanted to make myself one.

I did this with ink and colored pencil.

This I did with pastels.

This I did in ink. I made it as a bookmark while reading Gulliver's Travels. Too bad I didn't notice until after that I misspelled Gulliver's oops ;P I believe I was looking at an illustration in one of the Narnia books when I drew this. No copyright intended.

 This I did in pastel.

 I did this in crayon for a friend.

 This is pastel and watercolor.

Ink, practicing eyes.

 And then I redid the picture to look more symmetrical, although the first one to me looks more like a person and this looks like a comic book :)

Pastel and acrylic paint. 

 This is pastel and also a mystery, I do not remember why I cut off the top of her head :)

 This is pastel. I was going for abstract looking shadows :)

Enjoy! <3 Hannah


  1. Wow. Like who knew that colored pencils could do this much and with your talent. It looks absolutely beautiful.