Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Putting Love in My Food

Hello! I got inspired one day to make pizza bowls for some tomato soup, but instead I ended up making hearts out of all the food. I had bought some pillsbury classic pizza crust intending to cut it up and wrap it around glass bowls and bake it as directed to have a bread bowl, but when I looked for glass baking bowls in my cupboard I saw that they were not oven safe so I changed my mind and shaped I love you out of the dough :) 

I sprinkled a lot of McCormic's Italian Seasoning on it and a very small amount of Morton's Nature's Seasoning. The above picture is before I baked it. And I thought it turned out well.

While I was enjoying making hearts I decided to put one on the brownies I made and see what happened. Here is a picture of the batter uncooked, it was a boxed mix. 

I sprinkled chocolate chips in the shape of a heart, and hoped they would not sink in while it baked.

And they didn't :D So anyways that is my heart food.

<3 Hannah