Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Bathroom

Hello! This is my first attempt at posting to a blog :) I wanted to share what I did to our bathroom.
 It is quite small, so I wanted a clear shower curtain to make it look bigger since it would be see through, and the fact that it has no windows also made it seem smaller so I painted a window on the wall. The whole thing was on a budget, so the shower curtain is from walmart for I think less than five dollars. I really wanted an octopus on it so I painted on the octopus roughly looking at octopus pictures I found on google. The shell painting I did on an inexpensive small canvas from a craft store.

This is the whole bathroom including my octopus shower curtain and monochrome window i painted on the wall. I did it monochrome because I didn't want to waste my paints since we are not planning to live here for a very long time. I hung a sheet behind the clear shower curtain so the octopus would show up better in the picture since it was hard to see it as white on the white shower.

And here is my shell painting :)

<3 Hannah

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